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Top 8 Things to Do in Marshville, NC

Top 8 Things to Do in Marshville, NC

Visiting or staying in Marshville, North Carolina can be fun and memorable for the whole family. You can create memories, take part in fascinating activities and events, and enjoy every bit of this place. Marshville is a small town with a population of over 2522 as of 2022, making it a peaceful and cool place to stay.

Do you know where to visit or which activities to check out? Do you want to enjoy your stay in Marshville to the fullest?

Dr. Tran, DDS, your Marshville dentist, has compiled a list of amazing things for you to do in Marshville, NC.

Pay a Visit to the Marshville Museum and Cultural Center

Marshville Museum and Cultural Center

The Marshville Museum and Cultural Center is famous for its collections of exhibits.The museum has agricultural exhibits, medical exhibits, arts and religion, and lots more. It is a place that is suitable for you to learn and have fun with your family.

The museum has a section that displays exhibits and gives details about the African American history in Marshville. Marshville has been the home to many famous African Americans, including Rosa Allen, Frank Deese, and James Hasty. You can learn more about this history and about the early settlers of Marshville at this museum.

Try Out Your Golf Skills at the Eagle Chase Golf Club

Eagle Chase Golf Club in Marshville, NC

The Eagle Chase Golf Club is the perfect place for you to showcase your golf skills. The golf club features amazing elevation changes, providing players with the best mountain golfing experience. The club offers a variety of events that you can take part in and enjoy your game.

Eagle Chase Golf Club also offers golf lessons for beginners. So, the club is a great place for you to learn how to improve your golf game. Be sure to check out this golf club for a memorable golfing experience in Marshville.

Enjoy a Meal at a Local Restaurant

Local Restaurant in Marshville

The food is amazing in Marshville, which is why you should not miss the local delicacies. Stop by any of the local restaurants for a bit of southern hospitality and a delicious meal. You can visit Ms. Allie’s Café to enjoy a hand pressed, locally raised angus beef with melted cheddar cheese, topped with tomato, onion, lettuce, and hot sauce. You can also visit El Vallarta to have the famous stuffed avocado with creamy crab and shrimp mixture, topped with shredded cheese.

Take a Tour Through the Biedenharn Museum and Gardens

Biedenharn Museum and Gardens in Monroe, NC

The Biedenharn Museum and Gardens in Monroe, NC, is one of the fun places for kids and adults. One of the things you would love to explore at this museum is its attractive garden. The museum has a well-structured, unique, and attractive garden that gives a heart-melting sensation.

The Biedenharn Museum and Gardens feature a Bible Museum, Coca-Cola Museum, Historic House, and estate gardens. The museum also organizes summer camps for kids to learn and have lots of fun. You can visit the museum with friends and family to make it more memorable.

Enjoy a Horse Ride at Rock ‘A’ Bye Farm

Rock ‘A’ Bye Farm in Marshville, NC

If you are the type that loves horses or horseback riding, then you should not leave Marshville without visiting Rock ‘A’ Bye Farm. You can ride horses with your friends and family or learn to ride if you are a newbie. There are trainers who can teach you and help make your visit a fun-filled one.

Compete with Friends at Paintball Kingdom

Paintball Kingdom in Marshville, NC

Are you a pro at paintball? Do you feel you should compete with your friends? Can you beat them? A good way to find out is to visit Paintball Kingdom in Marshville, NC. Paintball Kingdom offers a fun-filled recreational paintball experience.

Paintball Kingdom offers the perfect stage, equipment, and rules for the competition. You should sign up for a paintball competition with family and friends to see who comes out the best.

Have a Family Outing at Jesse Helms Park

Jesse Helms Park in Wingate NC

One of the places you need to visit with your family is Jesse Helms Park in Wingate, NC. It is a perfect location for a picnic or just enjoying time outside. The park has various facilities, including a soccer complex, playground, paved walking track, covered picnic shelter, six-section exercise stations, and lots more. Jesse Helms Park is a great option for a nice day outdoors with your family.

Schedule a Dental Appointment at Marshville Family Dentistry

Dental Practice in Marshville, NC

As much as you are having fun, enjoying your stay, and creating amazing memories in our southern town, you also have to put your dental health in check. You need to go for regular checks at the Marshville Family Dentistry to get the best dental care and treatments. You can book an appointment with Dr. Tran, DDS, and make your dental health a priority.

Marshville Family Dentistry offers the best dental services in Marshville, NC. We offer preventive dental care to help improve your oral health. We also work with various dental insurance companies to make your dental care more affordable. Contact us today for an appointment!

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